Best Ways To Get Free iPad For Autism Spectrum Disorder (2023)

iPad is one of the devices in modern life that works not just as entertainment but also as a learning tool. But it is one of the important tools for autistic children as parents are making significant progress by using iPad for their kids with autism. Surely every parent having a child with autism expects their improvement in communication and intellectual development. They follow a lot of ways like employing instructors and getting admitted to autistic specialized hospitals. But you as parents may manage an iPad for your child with autism to make sure it will also be a tool for their growth and improvement.

The cost of the iPad is high, and low-income parents may not afford to buy an iPad for a child with autism. Additionally, there is also free tablet for low-income people. Parents may qualify with food stamps benefits and use it with free internet as part of online learning that leads to development for their autistic children. For this, some organizations and agencies provide free iPad for autism and it is going to be a good deal indeed. In this article, we are going to discuss some programs and ways on how to get a free iPad for autism.

Content Outline

  • 1 About Autism
  • 2 Understanding Importance Of iPad For Autistic Children
  • 3 Importance Of iPad For Autism
    • 3.1 Communication growth
    • 3.2 Apps for Learning and growing
    • 3.3 Easy Customization
    • 3.4 Works as a guide
  • 4 Ways To Search Free iPad For Autism
    • 4.1 1. Search online
    • 4.2 2. Search offline
    • 4.3 3. Seek help from your relatives
    • 4.4 4. Contact local charities
    • 4.5 5. Ask for the school
  • 5 Places To Get Autism iPad Grants
    • 5.1 1. Autism Care and Treatment
    • 5.2 2. Danny’s Wish Foundation
    • 5.3 3. ASDF
    • 5.4 4. Small Steps in Speech
    • 5.5 5. Different Needz Foundation
    • 5.6 6. Friends of Man
    • 5.7 7. First Hand Foundation
    • 5.8 8. June Jesse Foundation
  • 6 Other Legit Ways To Get Free iPad For Autism
    • 6.1 1. Seek insurance company
    • 6.2 2. Assistance from School
    • 6.3 3. Seek help from relatives
    • 6.4 4. Local Charities
  • 7 Frequently Asked Questions
    • 7.1 How much is the cost of an iPad?
    • 7.2 How does the speech blub app help autistic children?
    • 7.3 How can I get a free iPad?
  • 8 Final Verdict

About Autism

Autism, known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a broad range of conditions characterized by verbal and non-verbal communication barriers, repetitive behaviors, and challenges with social skills. According to the Centers for Disease, Control Autism is found 1 in 44 children in the United States of America. There may be several factors behind autism, sensory sensitiveness, and medical issues such as gastrointestinal disorders, seizures or sleep disorders, and other depression, anxiety, and attention issues. Additionally, it is mostly influenced by genetic and environmental factors, and every person may have a distinct set of strengths and challenges.

Understanding Importance Of iPad For Autistic Children

Even if the children of the parents are autistic, they are also their life. It is children’s fate to be autistic but there is nothing but improvement. Surely Autistic children have barriers in movement and communication and expressing their feelings. They also have verbal and non-verbal communication problems. As a parent, it is important to see that they also can communicate and speak little by little.

As part of this, the parents get help from therapists and caregivers to improve their conditions in communications. The therapist and caregivers provide different efforts like using hand-laminated pictures card and other techniques to help them speak and respond to the feelings. Slowly it is also found some progress and so many autistic children can go for improvement.

Technology has changed our life and everything. Now that every child is fond of technology and devices, they want to know about it. As part of this, an iPad for kids diagnosed with autism can be a fantastic way to go. Additionally, autistic children are found to be curious about iPad. So it will be a chance to use the iPad as a means of communication and their improvement to their problems.

iPad is technologically designed for autistic children and unleashing their communication problems. Now iPad is ready to create voices for the voiceless. Autistic children can use the iPad to complete full words and symbols that are combined as a sentence with the help of this device. This is important for autistic children to make sure they can practice how to form a word and use it in the sentence. Day after day, they are well versed in making sentences and communicating with this sentence.

Additionally, the iPad is a beautiful device and it has been designed for autistic children. The parents can opt for an iPad when they have children with autism spectrum and learn how this device can help improve their communication and other challenges. There are also some accessible apps to let them understand iPad functions, and it is easy to use.

Best Ways To Get Free iPad For Autism Spectrum Disorder (1)

Importance Of iPad For Autism

Even though the children are autistic and don’t express their words, they can use the iPad easily, bringing benefits. iPad is an assistive device to make sure they can express their feelings and thoughts with this iPad. Expressing feelings and thoughts is the most important practice for going communication. iPad surely helps autistic children practice communication.

Communication growth

Autistic children get stuck and live in the imaginary world. It is common to see that they don’t express their words. iPad is also a curious device for autistic children and they get pleasure while using it. The children can use it for a long time and try to do something with the iPad. This can help them grow in learning and improving their communication skill. iPad is portable and can speak with a sound that triggers the attention of Autistic children as well.

Apps for Learning and growing

Surely some apps are designed for autistic children. These are Proloquo2Go, Endless Reader, Language Therapy for Kids, Otsimo, CommBoards, ABC Autism. Autistic children get pleasure using these apps and this can help them learn in forming words and making sentences.

Easy Customization

iPad is designed with customized features to make sure autistic children can use it according to their physical and health demands. For example, a touch screen of the iPad is really helpful to let them go using it properly.

Works as a guide

The parents and instructors may not go with autistic children all the time. But an iPad can work for parents and instructors. This can let them pass valuable time and also provide directions on what they need to do according to schedule with the help of apps.

Ways To Search Free iPad For Autism

Even if there are some places where free iPad is possible, it is also important to seek this assistance in the right places and right way. When you are a low-income parent and have kids with autism, you should get information and go forward. Here are some ways to search for a free iPad for autism.

1. Search online

Now that people have free internet access, it is also easy to search for anything online. You simply search on Google by free iPad for autism near me and then you can get a lot of results according to your location. You can get to know some organization and their procedure to free iPad for autism. It has been so easy to reach free iPad for autism with the help of internet access.

2. Search offline

As you have an autistic child, you may also get acquainted with the parents who have low income and might have got an iPad for their kids. You may get information on how they got iPad for their kids. Additionally, there is an organization that has a local office in your location and you may contact those organization offices to know about the free iPad program.

3. Seek help from your relatives

Everyone is passionate and sympathetic to Autistic children as they are not like other children. They also get more affection and love from other people. When you have financially well off relatives, you can approach this need for a child. The relatives and dear ones significantly come forward to help the close people in their life. They often want to contribute to you and your family, but they don’t have any scope to express to you. When you need an iPad for your children, this can work well to manage an iPad.

4. Contact local charities

Local charities are an organization that always come forward to help needy people. There are numerous programs to assist ill-fated people. Surely you can contact the local charitable organization that may provide you with an iPad for your child. The local charitable organization surely wants to contribute to the betterment of your child indeed.

5. Ask for the school

Schools also have an iPad program for the less fortunate families. When you have a child with autism, you should discuss the authority of the schools about iPad for your children. The authority of the schools can manage an iPad for your children as it is also part of education at home.

Places To Get Autism iPad Grants

Grants are free money that you never have to pay back, and some organizations provide grants for iPad. These grants are solely used for the development with the help of a device such as an iPad. Here are some organizations that provide grants for iPad for autism.

1. Autism Care and Treatment

Autism care today is a platform where people can get so many resources on autism. This is an organization that provides care for the autism spectrum. When it comes to granting for iPad, you may also apply to this organization as it provides grants of $100 and $5000 for low-income families to help buy iPad for autistic children. It is important to check the ongoing program by visiting the website of Autism Care Today.

2. Danny’s Wish Foundation

When families have autistic children, they can start with Danny’s Wish Foundation to get free iPad for autistic children. This organization provides free iPad to families of nonverbal children with autism. Danny’s Wish Foundation aims to provide the most needed device for autistic children as part of their growth and to the families who don’t afford to buy as well. thousands of low families have already got free iPad from this station. There is a time to apply and one should go from September to December in every calendar year.

The applications are received and verified and then the applicants have to join in a lottery for getting a free iPad. This is how Danny’s Wish Foundation works in terms of free iPad for autism but you should visit the official website of this organization about their current program as the program may not be available at different times, situations, and on location.


ASDF stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation and it is a national organization. This organization surely understands the need of autistic children and they want to contribute to their development. Families with autistic children may get assistance to buy an iPad for their autistic children and this assistance are information, education, and financial assistance. ASDF also provides free iPads for autistic children as part of their growth and development. iPad for Kids Program is a program that this organization develops. So you may visit the website to get more details for getting started.

4. Small Steps in Speech

Small steps in speech can be one of the ways to get help for free iPad for autism. Indeed, this organization works for the betterment and development of autistic children. This highly assists children with speech and language disorders by funding supplemental therapies and treatments. As part of therapy, you may need to use an iPad and get grants from this organization. Additionally, you may get a free iPad from this organization when an iPad is working to develop your children’s autism spectrum. So you should visit the website of this organization to get an update and current programs.

5. Different Needz Foundation

Different Needz Foundation is one of the non-profit organizations that come forward to better autistic children. This organization provides free iPad for autism, and there are also autism grants to buy an iPad. When your child with autism needs an iPad for their growth and development, this organization highly emphasizes having assistance so that your children can see better days. So you should visit the official website of this organization and check out the current program.

6. Friends of Man

Friend of Man is a non-profit organization that works for kids and adults. When your kids have autism spectrum and need an iPad, you can apply for grants from this organization. This organization is based in Colorado but they work in different states as well. So you need to visit the official website of this organization to know if there is any assistance available according to location.

7. First Hand Foundation

First Hand Foundation is an organization that ensures all possible support for autistic children. There is financial assistance for the parents of autistic children who may need iPad for their development. There is a grant of up to $2000 which supports the children.

8. June Jesse Foundation

June Jesse Foundation is another helpful agency to help parents who have children with autism. When you feel the need for an iPad, you may contact this agency as there is a grant of up to $3000 and it is only available in the St. Louise Children’s Hospital Network. You should visit this agency’s website to get information for getting started.

Other Legit Ways To Get Free iPad For Autism

As a parent, you want to speak with your kids who have autism. The importance of the iPad is much more and it is important to have an iPad for your autistic child. For this, there are some ways to get a free iPad for autism.

1. Seek insurance company

The insurance company covers durable medical equipment, mobility scooter, and other aiding equipment for the people. The insurance may have a special provision to make sure they can include this in the coverage. It is important to get information from the insurance company to cover the cost of the iPad for your autistic children.

There are grants and loans and other assistance when you can prove that your child is autistic and need a device for improvement and growth. Strong paper works are required such as Medical papers of your child, your personal information and income status, etc.

The insurance company’s case manager can direct you on details to make sure you can get a free iPad for your little child. Then the case manager can provide a lot of information on how to get started and what information is required to go forward.

2. Assistance from School

Most schools arrange different programs for physically challenged children. There is also assistance for the autistic children who may get iPad from their school. When the schools provide free iPad for the kids, you should apply and explain how an iPad can play a good role in learning and developing.

In general, some schools provide iPad as part of learning tools. If iPad is used at school, you may explain the use of iPad at home and you should discuss it with the school authority. Surely they will arrange and manage iPad for your child.

It is common to see that most of the schools take special care for autistic children because they are different from other children. For this, there are numerous programs and assistance for autistic children. It is also easy to go free iPad for autism from the school program.

3. Seek help from relatives

Surely there are solvent and rich relatives near us and they want to do something good for us. But the problem is they don’t understand your problem and you also don’t explain your problem. Simply you may share your problem with dear ones that an iPad for your child can make a big difference.

In addition to this, you may approach the need for an iPad for the occasion of your child’s birthday and other occasions. This can work well to get a free iPad for your child. More importantly, there are groups of autistic children online where you may seek assistance for an iPad for your kids. In any way, there you may get any assistance.

4. Local Charities

Local charities are located near you and you can find a lot of assistance programs for a needy family. there is numerous assistance program such as housing assistance, food assistance, and more. When you have autistic children, you may contact the local charities to make sure you can get assistance to buy an iPad for your autistic children. But it is important to make sure you can get assistance from the local charities as they assist in different situations and conditions. For example, Lions Club only helps people who are blind.

Frequently Asked Questions

So there are some questions, and we are going to answer these questions. Surely this can add up more understanding about pricing and how to get it free of cost.

How much is the cost of an iPad?

Surely iPad is an important device not just for autism but it helps everyone. There are different prices of iPad because of configuration and features. But it starts from $400 to more. Additionally, there are different models of iPad that may cost much. But iPad in the range of $400 can be used for autistic children for their learning purposes.

How does the speech blub app help autistic children?

Speech blubs app is one of the voice-controlled speech therapy apps to make sure autistic children can learn new words through sounds. Once autistic children make sounds, this app can provide entertaining and educational videos to make words and sentences. There are also some features like down syndrome and apraxia of speech.

How can I get a free iPad?

When you have autistic children, it is important to bring a good change in their lives in terms of communication. Your autistic children are not your problem but there are combined efforts from persona to the country to help them grow. Autistic children are also the children of the parents and some numerous non-profit organizations and governments help the parents of autistic children for them.

Final Verdict

Free iPad for autism is available in different ways, and you should go forward in the right way. There may be scams on free iPad for autism, so you should be careful about that. Part of this, you should study and research much to get accurate information and then get started in the right place for a free iPad for autism. Surely an iPad can play a good role and make a difference for your child with autism, and you may get one from any source.

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